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Product >>Blood pressure products

1, patient monitor nibp cuffs ..........check compatibility 2, disposible NIBP cuffs....... check compatibility

patient monitor nibp cuffs for adult, pediatric, neonate, large adult... with single tube and dual tube.

disposible NIBP cuffs with all the sizes, compatible with all the marks
3. patient monitor NIBP interconnect hose.........check compatibility 4 patient monitor nibp interconnect connectors......check compatibility

Pansw NIBP hoses
patient monitor NIBP interconnect hoses compatible with almost all the marks, models

patient monitor nibp connector
patient monitor NIBP interconnect connector compatible with almost all the marks, models.
5. blood pressure monitor (Sphygmomanometer) cuffs ...........check compatibility 6. IBP interconnect cable ..........check compatibility

blood pressure monitor cuffs with single tube and dual tube, for adult use
ibp cables
7. Ischemic NIBP cuff ..........check compatibility 8.Sphygmomanometer (Sphygmomanometer)valve
Ischemic NIBP cuff blood pressure meter valve

pressure infusion bag

air pumps for patient monitors 12V 6V
infusion pump compatible air pump for patient monitors
manometer nibp cuffs with meters manometer nibp cuffs with coiled hoses
compatible air valve for patient monitors sphygmomanometer balls with valve
latex nibp cuff for replacement use purpose  

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