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osram medical lamp

15V 150W

other voltage other duty are available


osram medical lamp

osram medical lamp reflective 15V 150Wosram halogen medical lamp 15V-150W

osram medical lamp 15V-150W halogen

China made 12V 75W medical lamp halogen-lamp-

medical lamp 12V 75W

medical lamp 12V 75W medical lamp laite

other votages dimensions, specifications are available. Please contact PANSW

philips medical lamp


6V 30W

philips medical lamp bulb

philips medical lamp bulb


PE300BFA lamps


original Olympus part number MD-631

PE300BFA lamp

PE300BFA lamps




    64634 HLX EFR lamp OSram 15V 150W GZ6.35

medical lamp bud for osram 15v 150w

osram lamp bud 15v 150w

osram lamp bud

osram lamp bud

15V 150W lamp bud

osram 15v 150w lamp

osram 15v 150w lamp

osram 15v 150w lamp

osram 15v 150w lamp

15v 150w lamp osram

GZ 6.35

original part number XENOPHOT 64634 HLX EFR

halogen lamp


osram medical lamp

osram medical lamp display optic

osram medical lamp 235w





drager neonate flow sensor

drager neoante flow sensor Y

drager Y neonate flow sensor

flow sensor for neonate drager

drager flow sensor

surgical lamp

surgical lamp

surgical lamp

compatible medical lamp all type

surgical lamp

24V 50W


compatible 03000 3.5v lamp for welch allyn ophthalmoscope

YZ-6F YZ-11D


compatible welch allyn retinometer lamp

3.5V 0.75A

original part number 08200-U


Philips fiber optica lamp type 6834FO EFP 12V 100W GZ6.35
  copmatible HEINE XHL #077 2.5V,X-001.88.077
  compatible HEINE XHL #069 2.5V BETA 200 S/M2,X-001.88.069 lamp


Mindray chemistry analyzer lamp




















Philips incadesent lamp


24V 100W lamp for Osram


Philips lamp

for Topcon

SL-1E 3E 2F D2 D4 SL-3G





24V 250W Osram lamp

Olympus MU988800 12v20w lamp


original Y1100-610 Olympus lamp

original Philips 5761 G4 6v30w lamp

original Philips 6834FO EFP 12V100W lamp


lamps for Olympus UXR, made in Japan

Osram 64260 12V30W



Osram 44865 12V 35W 36 width lamp
  XBO-R-180W-45C OSRAM lamp
  OSRAM DULUX L blue lamp

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