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Product >>Holter cables

1.Holter cable 10 leadwire 2, Mortara ten lead holter cable
Holter cable 10 leadwire Mortara ten lead holter cable
3. holter 7 leads ECG leadwire compatible GE seer holter cable
Holte DIN 7 leads ECG leadwire compatible GE seer light holter cable


Tips of how to place holter electrodes (Reference from Welch Allyn products catalogue):

7 leads Placement
lead AHA color IEC color Placement
CH1+ Red Green 4th intercostal space at left border of sternum
CH1- White Red Left clavicle, lateral of sternum border
CH2+ Brown White 6th intercostal space at the anterior axillary's line
CH2- Black Yellow Right clavicle, lateral to the mid-clavicle line
CH3+ Orange Orange 6th intercostal space on left midclavicular line
CH3- Blue Blue Manubrium sternum
RL Green Black Lowest rib on right side of chest

holter cables

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