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Product >>SPO2 products >>compatible Nihon Kohden TL-101T 9 pins adult clip spo2 sensor

Nihon Kohden 9 pins adult clip spo2 sensor, use with extension cable.
Original part number: TL-101T
Compatible with: Bedside Monitor: BSM-4101,4103, 4111,4113 Life scope P; BSM-5105,5135 Life scope A; BSM-2351,2353 Life scope L; BSM-2301,2303 Life scope I
BSM-2300 Lifescope i/L
BSM-4100 Lifescope P
BSM-5100 Lifescope A
BSM-9510 Lifescope M
BSM-9800 Lifescope S
OPV-1500 Lifescope N
Adult soft, pediatric clip, pediatric soft, infant wrap, also available.

Nihon Kohden



adult finger clip spo2 sensor,.3ft



adult soft tip spo2 sensor,.3ft



pediatric finger clip spo2 sensor,.3ft



pediatric soft tip spo2 sensor,.3ft



neonate wrap spo2 sensor,.3ft



adult ear clip Spo2 sensor,.3ft



animal tongue Spo2 sensor,.3ft

connector view

How to use:

match with Nihon Kohden spo2 extension cable

1.5 meter long cable;
Nihon Kohden 9 pins
pediatric clip spo2 sensor
Nihon Kohden JL-900P spo2 cable Nihon Kohden spo2 cable
Nihon Kohden 9 pins pediatric clip spo2 sensor nihon kohden spo2 sensor adapter cable Nihon KOhden spo2 cable

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nihon kohden integrfated ECG cable

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nihon kohden nibp hose nihon kohden ten leads ECG cable nihon kohden nibp cuff
nihon kohden disposible spo2 sensor nihon kohden NIBP hose  
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