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FAQs>> Different types ECG yokes

There are many different types ECG yokes (Click the picture for reference products link)

Item Picture Description counterpart leads


GE Medical ECG yokes, 3/5 leads; for GE Marquette, Dash, Eagle, Solar, GE Hellige

ge medical ecg leads, 3 leads


LL type ECG Yoke, 3 leads and 5 leads,

LL ECG leads

LL type 5 leads ECG lead set


Siemen cable yoke; Mindray cable yoke, For Siemens ecg cables, Mindray ecg cables


Datex Pro1000 ecg yoke

datex ohmeda 5 leads ECG cable yoke

GE Pro1000 ECG cable yoke; Datex Ohmeda ECG cable yoke;

Datex ohmeda 3 leads ECG cable leads

Pro1000 5 leads ECG cable set



Nihon KOhden ECG cable yoke

6 Nihon kohden ECG trunk cable yoke Nihon kohden ECG leads
7 Colin ECG cable yoke Colin ECG cable yoke Colin ECG leads set

DIN ECG cable trunk, yoke

Din ECG leads set

DIN 5 leads ECG cables

9 spacelabs ECG trunk cable yoke Spacelabs ECG leads set
10 Conmed ECG cable trunk cable yoke

Conmed type ECG cable trunk yoke


E8007RF   for leads


E8007RE for trunk

Conmed 5 leads ECG leads

Philips ECG cable yoke

12 GE Marquette 10 leads ECG trunk cable yoke GE Marquette 10 leads ECG trunk cable yoke

GE medical ECG leads

GE 38401808 ECG leads

GE 38401808 ECG leads



New Philips Connector systems

Mindray ECG leads and trunk

Mindray ECG leads ECG trunk

ecg trunk cable ECG leads

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