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1. Compatible nihon kohden JL-650P spo2 cable;
2, Compatible HP Philips Masimo spo2 cables;
3, Compatible Nellcor DOC-10 integrated spo2 sensor;
4, Compatible Masimo LNCS spo2 sensor;
5, compatible Nihon Kohden TL-101T spo2 sensor;
6, Nihon Kohden JC-906P ECG trunk cable;
7,New Dixtal spo2 probe 2023.2025...
8, Mindray telemetry ECG leadwire;
9, Mindray T8/T6/T5 ECG trunk cable;
10, Schiller AT1/AT2 ECG cable (ten leads);
11, Schiller Argus LCM/plus ECG cables;
12, Cardiette/Cardioline ten leads ECG patient cables;
13, Nihon Kohden NIBP interconnect hose;
14, Philips NIBP connectors;
15, Ohmeda spo2 sensors Tuffsat;
16, Novametrix spo2 sensor;
17, Nonin spo2 sensor;
18, Philips Fetal transducer;
19, PanSW Medical accessories catalogue;
20, Siemens Drager MS18683 Oximax spo2 cable;
21, Siemens Drager spo2 sensor;
22. CSI 934-10DN spo2 probe;
23. All kinds of NIBP connectors;
24, All kinds of NIBP cuffs;
25, All kinds of NIBP interconnect tubes;
Compatible Nihon Kohden to Ohmeda spo2 adapter cable
General use Colied nibp hose
Compatible GE TS-SA-D SpO2 sensor
Compatible Philips Trim pagewriter leads
30. Compatible Welch Allyn CP100 CP200 ECG leads
Comen Star 8000 spo2 sensors
32 Comen C60 C80 spo2 sensors cables
33 PhilipsTC30 TC60 TC70 TC50 ECG leads
34 compatible siemens drager MS16456 ECG leads
35 compatible Siemens drager multimed plus trunk cable
36, electrosurgery cables

   premium products pansw FAQs

Compatible Philips patient monitor parts:
1, Compatible Philips M1971A ECG leads
2, Compatible Philips M1191A SpO2 sensors
3, Compatible Philips IBP cables
4, Compatible Philips M1599B NIBP hose
5, compatible Philips NIBP cuff
6, Compatible Phlips M3702A ECG cable ten leads
Compatible Nihon Kohden patient monitor parts:
1, Compatible Nihon Kohden JC-906 ECG trunk and BR-903 ECG leads BR-902P ECG LEADS
2, Compatible Nihon Kohden TL-201L spo2 sensor
3. Compatible Nihon Kohden IBP cables
4, compatible nihon kohden NIBP hose YN-900P
5, Compatible Nihon Kohden BJ-901D ECG cable
Compatible GE Medical patient monitor parts
1, Compatible GE oxi SpO2 sensors
2, Compatible GE ECG trunk cable and ECG leads
3, Compatible GE IBP cables
4, Compatible GE NIBP hoses
5, Compatible GE MAC1200 MAC500 ECG cables
Compatible Datex Ohmeda patient monitor parts
1, Compatible Datex OXY-F4-N SpO2 sensors
2, Compatible Datex ECG cables
3, Compatible Datex IBP cables
4, Compatible Datex NIBP hoses
5, Compatible Ohmeda tuffsat OXY-F4-H spo2 sensors
6, Compatible Ohmeda Trusat OXY-F4-MC spo2 sensors
7, Compatible Ohmeda OXY-F4-GE spo2 sensors
Compatible Mindray patient montors parts
1, Compatible Mindray ECG cables for PM9000 Imec10, T8
2, Compatible Mindray SpO2 sensor
3, Compatible Mindray IBP cables
4, Compatible MIndray NIBP hoses
Compatible Comen patient monitors parts
1, Compatible Comen ECG cables
2, Compatible Comen SpO2 sensors STAR8000
3, Compatible Comen NIBP hoses

   FAQs pansw FAQs

1, Definitions for ECG cables and leadwires
2, To doctors & engineers
3, How to buy;
4. Distributors recruitment (worldwide);
5. ECG color coding & leadwires
6. Reusable Spo2 probe&cable introduction
7. Disposible spo2 probe introduction
8. tips for a durable nibp cuff
9. digital spo2 sensor and analog spo2 sensor
10. all kinds of D-sub 9 pins spo2 sensors
11. GE Medical spo2 sensors
12. PanSW ten leads ECG cable structure;
13. PanSW medical cables OEM service;
14. About Lemo connectors spo2 sensors and compatibilities
15. Mindray spo2 ECG NIBP accessories compatibility chart;
16. Nihon Kohden Spo2 ECG nibp accessories compatibility chart;
17, Philips/HP spo2 ECG nibp accessories compatibility chart;
18. All types detachable ECG cable yokes
19, compatible Nellcor spo2 sensor&cables;
20, compatible Masimo spo2 sensors&cables;
21. compatible GE OXYTIP SPO2 sensors&cables
. Universal spo2 sensor ECG cable project;
23. GE Medical ECG cables, NIBP hose, SpO2 sensor
24. compatible Datex Ohmeda ECG cable, spo2 sensor, NIBP hoses & cuff.
25. compatible infinium ECG cable, SpO2 sensor, NIBP hoses, cuff...
26. compatible Bionet ECG cable, SpO2 sensor, nibp hoses cuffs
27. Compatible Comen ECG cable, SpO2 sensor, NIBP hoses & cuffs
compatible Schiller ECG cable SpO2 sensor, NIBP cuff, NIBP hoses,

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