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FAQs>>Spo2 sensor/probe & cables introduction

All kinds of spo2 sensors

1, sensor types

2, many compatible marks;

3, samples;

1, Sensor types:

PanSW designs and manufactures sensors with different types:

<a>. Adult clip:

(option A);

(Option B)
Sensor for adult, clips type, for adults, weight bigger than 40KG; use with finger tip;

<b> pediatric clip;

sensor for pediatric use (patient weight 10--40KG); use with finger tips; clip type;

<c> adult silicone soft type:

adult silicone soft spo2 sensor

for adult use, silicone soft material; for adult weight bigger than 40KG, or finger diameter 9--21mm; use with finger tip; (could be water resistant upon request) ;

PanSW adult soft spo2 probes are designed with water resisting. It is very convenient to clean. See it is working even underwater:
water resist SpO2 probe
monitoring underwater
PanSW water resist SpO2 probe
emitter glowing under water

<d> pediatric soft type spo2 sensor;

Pediatric silicone soft spo2 sensor; for patients weight 10--40KG; or finger diamter size 7--12 mm. Use with finger tips;

pediatric spo2 sensor
Pediatric silicone soft spo2 sensor; for patients weight 4--15KG; or finger diameter size between 7--10 millimeter. Use with finger tips;

<e> Neonate wrap type;

Neonate wrap spo2 sensor; silicone soft; for: 1--4 KG neonate; 3--15KG infant; child and adult bigger than 10KG; for adult/pediatric use: finger tip; for neonate/infant use: toe;

<f> adult ear clip type: (PanSW ear clip sensors use unique low perfusion resistant emitter and photodetector for all ear clip sensor to ensure its accuracy.)

adult ear cilp spo2 sensor

robust performance of PanSW ear clip spo2 probes
see the robust performance of ear probe spo2 probes.

<g> animal clip type;

for animal use: ear or tonge;

animal clips spo2 probe
for animal use, multi-function;

<h> Y type/multisite type;

use with a wrap belt, for neonate or adult forehead;

All probes we can make into different length as per your request, and those customization we do not charge extra service fees but only some basic material cost.
All spo2 probes we can make into detachable typs (probe + extension cable) that works as a set; or we can make into integratged probes (directly plug the probe into the machine and use with patient detection part directly)
All probes we can make into different versions like for adult, neonate, pediatric, all are designed to each type with special care to ensure good reading quality and accuracy.


2. Compatible marks:

Compatible marks and compatibility charter download here;

3. Samples;

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