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FAQs>>Ten leads ECG cable structure--PANSW

There is always questions from customers: "if your cables shielded?..." so, please allow us to eplain the details of our cables so you know how it works same with the original cable:

Usually ten leads ECG cables consists of trunk cable and leadwires;

1, Trunk cable:

For example a Philips ECG trunk cable
HP Philips ECG trunk cable

Philips ECG cable M3702

How our trunk cable wires is?

Our main trunk cable for ten leads ECG cable are all with 10 smaller conductors inside the cable you can see to works for all the 10 seperate leads; each single wire are independant and EACH are shielded with a carbon film layer (a conductive PVC material). More than that, all the ten wires together are shielded with a general shielding layer of metal mesh. All 10 wires are surrounding a fiber core so the cable inside are balanced, this is specially helpful when bending to make sure all the small wires are sharing same good force.

All in all, each wire is completed shielded and the cable is with a durable design.

braided shielding metal mesh for the main cable
picture 1: TPU jacket outside and general braided shielding structure

structure of mail ECG cable
picture 2: multi-conductor inside; each conductor wire with a seperate PVC jacket and a carbo film shielding structure; there is a fiber core in the central part and all the 10 wires surrounded by it;

2. leadwire cable:

ECG leads ten leads
an example of leadwire set

Leadwire cable are all shielded with carbon film first and metal mesh secondly; and this shielding mesh are soldered to the trunk cable shielding mesh to make sure the shielding cover for all this cable "seamless";

shielding for ECG leadwire cable
Picture 3: detailed explaination for ten leads ECG cable leadwire;

PanSW manufactures ten leads ECG cable compatible with Edan, Mindray, Philips, GE, Hellige, Nihon Kohden, Fukuda, Schiller, Kontron, Inomed; etc. catalogue download here:

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