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FAQs>>Universal spo2 sensor, ECG cable

Many customers asks about "Universal spo2 sensor"; or "Universal ecg cable";
In fact there is no such "Universal spo2 sensor" or "universal ECG cable" but PanSW provides rich products to uniform your stock and simplify your maintenance services:

1, many different spo2 adapter cables to convert different brands spo2 sensors:

with our specially designed spo2 adapter cables, you can

a) converting Philips spo2 sensors into Nellcor spo2 sensors;
b) converting Philips spo2 sensors in to GE spo2 sensors;
c) converting Nihon kohden spo2 probes into Ohmeda spo2 probes
d) converting Nihon kohden spo2 probes into Novametrix spo2 probes;
e) converting nonin spo2 probes into Nellcor spo2 sensors;
f) converting Contec spo2 probe into Dolphin
g) convert Masimo LNOP spo2 probe into Masimo LNCS spo2 probe;

the list is very very long, all what we do we try to uniform all the machines in your maintenance to use the same or only a few spo2 probes so it will save your cost a lot and it will save a lot of trouble for your company.

nihon kohden spo2 probe use on OHmeda Tuffsat machines
An Ohmeda Tuffsat machine is using a Nihon Kohden spo2 probe;

2, to organize all your ecg cables to use one same ECG leads;

a) to use Philips ecg leads on Mindray PM9000 machines;

to use Philips ECG leads on Mindray Pm9000 monitors.

b) to use Philips ECG leads on GE patient monitors;
c) to use GE ECG leads on Philips Patient monitors;
d) to use Siemens ECG leads on GE machines;
e) to use Mindray ECG leads on Philips machines;



The lists are very long.

All in all, PanSW is working to unitilize its long time experience on spo2 probes, ECG cables to save your cost and save your trouble, to assist all the local service providers with our expertise, rich products, and complete solutions.

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