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FAQs>> Definitions for ECG cables and leadwires

Definitions for ECG cables and leadwires
(You are recommended to read this before placing an order, which will avoid ambiguity.) 
----------- by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

For the purposes of this standard, the following definitions apply:
1. cable assembly: The assembly of either individual wires and/or wires bundled into one jacket that connects the patient to the ECG monitor. Typically, this consists of a trunk cable and a group of patient leadwires. The leadwires may be separable from the trunk cable, or they may be constructed all in one assembly with the trunk
cable (a one-piece cable and leadwire assembly).
2. cable yoke: The end of the trunk cable into which all of the patient leadwires plug.
3. disposable: Products specifically labeled and sold as being for use on a single patient only.
4. flex relief: The portion of the cable or leadwire assembly at the junction of connector and cable that prevents flexure of the assembly from damaging the cable or connector (may be integral with the strain relief).
5. instrument connector: The connector at the monitor end of the trunk cable that attaches the trunk cable to the receptacle on the monitor.
6. instrument connector receptacle: The connector on the monitor into which the trunk cable connector plugs.
7. monitor: An ECG device used to acquire and/or display electrocardiographic signals.
8. patient end termination: The connector at the end of the patient leadwire that attaches to the patient electrode.
9. patient leadwire connector: The connector on the patient leadwire that attaches the patient leadwire to the cable yoke.
10. patient leadwires: The individual wire that on one end has a patient end termination that connects to an electrode, and on the other end has a safety receptacle that connects to the cable yoke. Some types of leadwires will connect directly into an instrument without the use of any cable.
11. reusable products: Products that are specifically labeled and sold as being able to be used on multiplepatients.
12. sink current: The current that flows into a device or any part thereof when an external voltage is applied.
13. strain relief: The portion of the cable or leadwire assembly at the junction of the connector and cable that supports the cable/connector junction and prevents forces applied to the cable from being transferred to the connector contacts and wires within the connector housing.
14. trunk cable: The portion of the cable assembly in which all the wires are bundled together into one jacket, or are in some way bound permanently together. Typically, this has a yoke at one end with connectors for receiving the patient leadwires, and an instrument connector at the other end for connecting to the monitoring instrument.

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