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medical temperature probe>>compatible Mindray iPM8 iPM10 iPM12 temperature probe

compatible with Mindray iPM8 iPM10 iPM12 patient montiors, original part number: MR401B MR402B MR403B 0011-30-37394 0011-30-37393 0011-30-37392 MR404B 0011-30-37395

compliance with EN 12470-4 IEC 60601-1 ISO 10993-1 ISO 10993-5 ISO 10993-10 ISO 80601-2-56

compatible Mindray iPM8 iPM10 iPM12 ECG cable compatible Mindray iPM8 iPM10 iPM12 SpO2 sensor compatible Mindray iPM8 iPM10 iPM12 NIBP hose



















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