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ECG module

Product name: ECG module
Product Detail:
proprietary intellectual property rights
small in size, easy to install;
standard lead configuration;
diverse bandwidth in different ECG modes;
4kv isolation voltage for safety;
single power supply 5-6 V, low power
Serial port communication RS232/TTL level optional;

models for optional:
model A: 5 leads for patient monitor ECG reading;
model B: 12 leads 93mm*61mm for ECG machine.

SPO2 module

SPO2 module
proprietary intellectual property rights;
diverse specs and sizes for option;
anti low perfusion effect index reaches world front;

proprietary intellectual property rights;
it uses common simulation probe, which will lower down the cost;
when monitoring a newborn, the light usually penetrate. and this product has solved this
the monitoring range reaches 60 dB, anti low perfusion effect index reaches world front;
a general optical opto-electrical with most parameters is open to the users, which enables
its wide use;

models for option:
model A: 25mm*40mm applied in medical level SPO2 monitoring;
model B: 20mm*30mm applied in fitness level SPO2 monitoring;
model C: 52mm*39mm totally compatible with nellcor SPO2 module;
model D: 31mm*35mm applied in hand-hold SPO2 monitor;

monitor all in one

monitor all in one module
proprietary intellectual property rights;
integrated CPU data management and calculation unit;
integrated CUP interface unit;
integrated 6in1 body parameters data collection unit;
low power consumption, reliable performance;
highly integrated, easy to equip, applied in all patient monitor model;
having LCD, structural motherboard, cover, battery and probe, it is then a complete patient monitor;
size: 85mm*45mm

NIBP Module

non-invasive blood pressure monitoring module

proprietary intellectual property rights;
patented core algorithm;
serial port communication RS232/TTL level for option;
small in size, easy to install;
dual serial port communication;
Size: 85mm*45mm

1. ECG/EKG machine 3. Suction chest ECG electrode
ecg machine suction chest electrode

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