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FAQs>> all kinds of D-sub 9 pins connector spo2 sensors;

For all its reasons, D-sub connectors are very popular in medical spo2 sensors, here lists some major brands:

Brand original product code and/or picture PanSW counterpart product code and picture

Nellcor DS-100A spo2 sensor


RSP-10041A (non-oximax);
Nellcor DS-100A spo2 sensor connector

Nellcor Oximax DS-100A spo2 sensor\

Masimo (only masimo LNCS spo2 sensor uses D-sub connector) Masimo LNCS spo2 sensor\

masimo set spo2 sensor

BCI D-sub spo2 sensor BCI D-sub spo2 sensor RSP-10001ABCI D-sub spo2 sensor
Datex D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10011A
datex OXY-F-DB spo2 connector
CSI D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10007ACSI D-sub spo2 sensor
Datascope D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10009A
datascope spo2 sensor
Dolphin D-sub spo2 sensor  

dolphin spo2 sensor

GE Ohmeda Trusat D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10019A
GE Ohmeda spo2 sensor GE trusat
MEK D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10034A
MEK D-sub spo2 sensor
Nihon Kohden D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10045A
nihon kohden tl-201 SpO2 sensors
Nonin D-sub spo2 sensor   RSP-10047H

nonin spo2 sensor
New GE Ohmeda TruSIgnal spo2 sensors connector  

compatible GE TS series SpO2 cables

GE TS series SpO2 sensors

There are more D-sub spo2 sensors available, please refer to PanSW Spo2 sensors catalogue

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