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Dear Doctors & Engineers,

As per a pro in medical maintenance industry, most problems in hospitals regarding mal-function medical devices are similar as per the following reasons:

1, no spare parts for repairs and maintenance
2, no technical manuals
3, poorly or no trained biomedical technicians
4, no (financial) support by the responsible authorities
5, no technical support from the manufacturers
6, lack of awareness of the advantages of preventive maintenance

What we are focusing on solving at least number 1, 4, 5 problems.

1, Complete products database; fully compatible with the original parts;
PanSW has a large amount of medical accessories models, compatible with HP, Phillips, Nihon Kohden, Artema(S&W), BIONET, Colin, Datex, Drager, Hellige, Marquette, MEK, Mennen, Mindray, Siemens, Spacelabs, Schiller, BCI, Biosys, Bruke, Critikon, Datascope, Dolphin, Invivo, Marquette etc. New products are constantly coming out, please do not hesitate to contact PanSW for more details.

with experience we guarantee fully compatible with the original parts;

2, Reliable quality
As a responsible company, PanSW understands that its primary target is to send reliable products to your hands with 100% safety. Even good after sales service will cost the customers time and money. So, all the products are carefully tested before its shipment to make sure ZERO flaw and no mistake.

3, Cost-effective
As a professional manufacturer, we do everything to save cost and benefit more and more customers. With an unbelivable good prices, fully within your budget, you will get your machines robust again.

4, Fast delivery:
With an efficient system of order processing and smart products management, we are doing our best to deliver your orders very fast; Also with a close cooperation with international express companies, all the shipments are taken care seriously and efficiently.

With our efforts, we are working with a lot of customers worldwide. We really hope to be helpful!

Best regards,
PanSW Med Corp

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